The Sexy Sassy Success Club-
A unique mastermind group for women

 Jan. 10-Feb 28, 2017
4 "live" webconferencing masterminds (Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 PM EST) alternating with
4 weeks of self-study - Money Mojo Mastery Modules


Are YOU showing up in your life and your business resonating with the vibration of success, prosperity, resiliency, fun, ease, and confidence?

Or has your mojo been hijacked by scarcity, struggle, anxiety, confusion, and doubt?

If your thoughts and beliefs sabotage your emotional and energetic power and you don't know how to manage the energy drain of that or how to stop it - get excited!

You've found your answer!


To up-level your game on the playing field of life and business, we will address 3 primary focus points to build a New You!

Your Success Mastery self

Your  Sensuous Sexy self

Your Money Mojo-liscious self

We'll teach you how to re-engage your energy for playfulness, excitement, curiosity, power, and prosperity so you live in your business and life truly embodying Sexy Sassy Success!

Too many women entrepreneurs' potential's far exceed their performance because they are limited by scarcity programming, insecurity, anxiety, and doubt.

They are exhausted, overwhelmed, pissed off, and feel the pull of wanting more and not being able to achieve it.

The energy of struggle is predominant in their business and their lives.

It doesn't have to be that way when you know the amazing allies one can employ to make life and business a joy-filled adventure!

Mind Hacker Secrets

Learn how to use the killer combo of brain science, energy psychology, and Universal Laws to step up your game, make your success a fun adventure, AND unleash your vitality and joy!

It's the faster, easier, and empowered way to get you where you want to go.


Start your 2017
stoked for success!

 Jan 10 - Feb. 28, 2017
4 "live coaching" webinars (5:30 PM EST) alternating with
4 self-study weeks

Just 1 hour a week to embrace a new way of being you!



Imagine the possibilities the "New You"
will create with these skillsets:

Activate and re-wire your "power mind" to support your goals

Unleash your confidence in your challenge areas

Say "YES" to bigger opportunities and stepping up your game

Ignite your momentum and stay in action with traction

Ignite that radiance and inner glow that attracts clients, partners, and opportunities

Enrich your health and vitality by minimizing stress and anxiety

Activate your energy to attract and manifest success as YOU see it!

Get your sexy on to tap into an inner storehouse of mojo 

Attract and enhance your money mojo with mind, body, spirit

12745467_1045947095463086_809644612906588652_n (1)"Bambi was able to encourage me, assist me and guide me in removing my resistance to the flow of abundance from the Universe!! Here's how things manifested this week... 9AM Monday - worked with Bambi on my Big Dreams/Goals list... Travel was #2 on the list, 11AM Monday (a mere 2 HOURS LATER) - got a call from my friend offering me an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Morocco for 2 weeks in July!!! Omg!!! THANK YOU UNIVERSE - and Bambi!!"  


Miracles DO happen when you know how to work your mojo!


The Bartender in your

The Sexy Sassy Success Club is basically an anxiety relief program, a high octane mindset program, a personal development program, a success acceleration program, a course in manifesting and miracles, AND a money mojo mastery program all rolled into one.  

EFT, NLP, Access Consciousness, mind hacks, brain mechanics, creative visualization, a neuro-reprogramming, guided meditations, music and more make this a powerful punch to blast you to new heights of confidence, goal achievement, money magnetism, and manifesting magic!

You'll learn and master tools you will use for a lifetime of empowered living!


In just 8 short weeks we'll transform you into a powerful, manifesting maven for more health, wealth, and success!


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"Within an hour of having a session with you, I sold a$650 discovery session, and a coaching program at $950 per month, 6-months. Ran the card for $1,600 while on the phone! F*CK YEAH! That sh*t works!"
-D. Taylor Klaus, DTK Coaching 

Hell Yeah! (2)

"When I began working with Bambi, I started to see results immediately. After our first session I felt incredibly hopeful and like my depression had lifted.  Bambi always makes me feel better. Her presence, her uplifting spirit, and real-life tools to improve my life have been like magic." (Anonymous)


The Sexy Sassy Success Club will cover...

Week 1 - (Jan 10, 5:30 EST) Aligning for transformation - Live Kickstart Success Acceleration Salon to release resistance and energetic blocks that may prevent transformation.  You'll get your Mojo Map daily planning worksheet to keep you on top of your Sexy Sassy Success goals and desires.

Week 2 - (Jan 17) Money Mojo module 1:How money works.
It's all energy & learning how to raise your vibration and dial in prosperity mentally and energetically changes everything faster and easier. You'll learn strategies and techniques to get a big magnetic energy field to attract what you desire.

Week 3 - (Jan. 24, 5:30 EST) Get your sexy confidence on - live Success Acceleration Salon - EFT for self-love, confidence, success and more!

Week 4 - (Jan 31 ) Money Mojo Module 1: The Demons destroying our bucks
You'll identify common limiting beliefs and sabotaging programs and learn how to quickly shift and neutralize them with EFT and powerful mind hacks.

Week 5 - (Feb. 7, 5:30 EST) Manifesting Maven practices - live Success Acceleration Salon- this week you learn my magic mojo tools for manifesting that will blow your doors off.

Week 6 - (Feb. 14) Money Mojo module 3: Healing the past, re-writing the scripts of our lives
This week you'll experience a guided meditation that will take you back to uncreate what no longer serves you and re-align yourself for "More"

Week 7 - (Feb. 21) Money Mojo module 4: Prosperity Consciousness and playing with the Law of Attraction
You'll learn many tricks and games to build your energy field into a magnet for money.  You'll activate your most effective support team out there - your Subconscious Mind and Universal Laws for co-creating a life of abundance.

Week 8 - (Feb 28, 5:30-6:30+) Live Success Acceleration Salon  - content to be determined by the needs of the group




The program includes:

My best selling Money Mojo Mastery program and workbook (see below) (value - $2100)

Four 60 minute live (virtual) Success Acceleration Salons with Bambi (using zoom) -  5:30 EST - with healing work, training, laser coaching, Q & A time, and a manifesting/energy amplifying "attunement". These will be recorded so that you can access them at your leisure, though being there live lets you access Bambi for coaching. These calls will be like teaching/healing sessions that give you a major boost both mentally as well as energetically. (value $2700)

Support materials periodically delivered to your inbox on Fridays, including a range of audios, meditations, tapping scripts, manifesting tools, videos, handouts, and interviews with guest mentors (value $1000)

A manifesting tool and protocol to accelerate your goal achievement (value $500)

You'll also receive:

Support and community via my Sexy Sassy Success Club Facebook Group


"Bambi’s down to earth approach, her honesty, and her tools have taught me so much!  I feel like I have broken chains that kept me in the past.   I am more calm, empowered and don't always go right to worrying like the old me. She is a healer- she heals the hurts, beliefs, and hang ups that may be keeping you down, stuck, and unsuccessful.  I have used her tools to get through many stressful times and am much happier and confident."
-Liza Reno


"As soon as I started working with Bambi I started getting in touch with my power and the spiritual side of my life...being in the group meditations was the first time I really felt like I was in the church that resonated with ME ! I now have the basic self assurance that really needed boosting." (Asked to be Anonymous)

We'll be doing a LOT of energy healing and transforming old gunk that no longer serves your success and your joy!

You will leave every call and every email feeling empowered, transformed, clearer, resonating at a higher vibrational/energetic level, and filled with hope and excitement. 



The value of the program?  $6300
You pay only $347 in full
or 2 pay of $199

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This is THE program I've been dying to share!

I'm stoked, I'm excited to be with other women who are aligned with their power, and I can't wait to see what will unfold for each of you!

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mcheadshotbiz4homesite"Bambi brings a raw, honest, hilarious, no-nonsense approach to her work, and her work is energetic magic.  Her teachings on energy hygiene have been transformative in my life, in a VERY short time. Go on and rock out with her-- you won't regret it!"  Maura Clark, LCSW