Money Mojo Mastery 

Your 5 week journey to mastering the energetics, power moves, and mind hacks for manifesting and attracting
more prosperity!

This is one killer combo of approaches you've never seen before!

Money Mojo Program | manifesting moneyMoney.

Does the thought of it turn your mind, it's thoughts, and the subsequent energetic frequencies into wealth creating or wealth destroying forces?

Do you feel free and easy and confident or are you frigging up your future with stuck patterns of fear, insecurity, and scarcity?

Are the thought loops you play on "repeat" mode, killing the mojo for your wealth goals?


It's such an interesting topic and such a ball-buster energy drainer when it's not a happy zone in your life.  It's a virtual "buzz kill" when it dominates your mental space.

It bleeds your life force energy away from manifesting the goals and dreams you desire. It keeps you pre-occupied and distracted from the possible opportunities you might

I know most of you reading this agree 100% and the majority of you are tired of your joie de vivre buzz being blasted to smithereens.

You know it's time to amplify your prosperity energy if you answer "Umm...Yes!" to any of the following...

Are you ready to change both your internal and external experience with money- turning the worries, the scarcity, and the energy drain of all the stress into excitement, anticipation, confidence, and peace?

Are you looking for new levels of confidence and success in seeing how your energy and emotions can create more abundance to flow into your life?

Would it be wonderful to feel playful about money because you understand how it all works energetically?

"Money Mojo Mastery: Clearing the way to your financial abundance, confidence, and peace" teaches you how to partner your brain mechanics, emotional states, and energy field to work together to move you into a new relationship with money and bringing more financial peace into your life.

This totally unique 5 week program that will teach you the skills to continuously dump your gunk, silence your saboteurs, get you into alignment with universal abundance, help you take empowered action on your goals, and employ the most powerful helpers out there- your subconscious mind and The Law of Attraction.

Why this program? There's a lot of choices out there, but this one IS truly different.

  • You are getting the expertise and scientific knowledge of a "Brain Coach"(I'm an Occupational Therapist who specializes in how to get the brain on board with our goals)

  • You get the breakthrough techniques of a Non-medication Anxiety Specialist to silence the inner fear that plagues you

  • You get the transformational impact of an energy healer who will release you from your  poverty programming

  • You get a powerful tool-chest of techniques to do your own healing work for the rest of your life- which will empower ALL areas of your life - relationships, health, spiritual, emotional

  • You learn the science of quantum physics,neuroscience and the physiology background of the metaphysical mind-body work

  • You'll learn how to master your emotions so the roller coaster ride get's real smooth

  • You'll master kick-ass turbo charged techniques for ATTRACTING your prosperity with the Law of Attraction


EFT, NLP, mind hacks, brain mechanics, creative visualization, a neuro-reprogramming, guided meditations and more make this a powerful punch to blast you to new heights of money mojo and manifesting magic!


This approach works, and I can attest to it first hand.  My own experience with debilitating Panic Disorder was triggered by my own money demons and the freedom I now experience is truly life changing.

"Thanks to Bambi, I manifested the perfect wedding and was gifted with the perfect honeymoon trip to California. I am now on the way to launching a new company and releasing myself from my old work environment. I am empowered!"

The structure of the program:

Manifest more money5 weeks to Money Mojo Mastery - (all calls will be recorded) will cover mindset development, paradigm shifts, tools and techniques to use for a lifetime of attracting more abundance.

You will leave every call feeling empowered, transformed, clearer, resonating at a higher vibrational/energetic level, and filled with hope and excitement.  You will literally be a different person energetically and emotionally after each call.

Each call involves teaching, an energy amplification and manifesting experience, and ends with opportunity for Q and A.

Module 1 - How money works - it's all energy & learning how to raise your vibration and dial in prosperity mentally and energetically changes everything faster and easier. You'll learn strategies and techniques to get a big magnetic energy field to attract what you desire.

Module 2 - The Demons destroying our bucks -you'll identify common limiting beliefs and sabotaging programs and learn how to quickly shift and neutralize them with EFT and powerful mind hacks.

Module 3 - Healing the past, re-writing the scripts of our lives- this week you'll experience a guided meditation that will take you back to uncreate what no longer serves you and re-align yourself for "More"

Module 4 - Prosperity Consciousness and playing with the Law of Attraction - you'll learn many tricks and games to build your energy field into a magnet for money.  You'll activate your most effective support team out there - your Subconscious Mind and Universal Laws for co-creating a life of abundance.

Module 5 - 30 minute Q and A laser coaching session - problem solving for sticky issues, clarifying any techniques, and wrapping up with a manifesting boost.

You'll also receive:

  • support and community via my Mojo Masters' Momentum Club Facebook Group


The value of this program is $2100, and the return on investment is unending, for the recordings of the calls will be providing mindset shifting and healing for many years to come.

"When I began working with Bambi, I started to see results immediately. After our first session I felt incredibly hopeful and like my depression had lifted.  Bambi always makes me feel better. Her presence, her uplifting spirit, and real-life tools to improve my life have been like magic."

It's yours for only $397
or 2 pay of $210

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