Holiday Survival Kit
7 Steps to Holiday Sanity and Survival

  • Is this time of year a guarantee of overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and resentfulness?
  • Do complicated or toxic family dynamics make your stomach quiver and drain your energy?
  • Are you reaching for that cookie – or that spiked eggnog — a little too often?
  • Are the Four F's of the holiday —Family, Finances, Food, and "Frolicking" Fun—taking all the joy away from the season?
  • Are the Four F's, for you, more like Frenzy, Freneticism, Franticness, and Fear?

It doesn't have to be this way again—there is an easy way out !!!

When you get stressed out, everything suffers. You get tired and bitchy; you start barking at your kids or husband, you freak out about money and time and all that you have to buy and do. And then you don’t like yourself for how you're being with everyone, and you're hard on yourself for not handling everything you need to handle. You start feeling depressed, angry, or resentful. You binge on junk food and neglect your self-care.

And before you know it, you are miserable, exhausted and hating life. Your body responds by looking beat up, old, and overweight, and you look in the mirror and say, “Holy shit...what happened to me?”

Sound familiar?

Imagine having the tools to actually set aside your stress and overwhelm, leaving you feeling calm and accomplished. Imagine being the calm at the center of the storm, instead of swirling around in chaos. Imagine how much fun you would be to be around with more energy and a sense of peace. Imagine truly enjoying this time of year; enjoying not only the hustle but even the bustle!

Are you ready to break this insane holiday cycle once and for all?
Fear no more. I've got you covered!

My Holiday Survival Kit — 7 Steps to Holiday Sanity and Survival — is your pre-emptive strike on the mess and stress that has historically been your holiday-time experience and a boost for stepping into the new year empowered, relaxed, and ready to go!

I say “kit” because it’s all about gaining the tools – tools that you will use for the rest of your life – to stay ahead of this negative pattern and actually re-create a new scenario for your holiday happiness.

With this program, you will start your season off free from your annual date with stress as you:

  • Holiday Survival Kit | Holiday Stress BustingNavigate, with ease, even the most unpleasant, tangled relationships
  • Manage the temptations to overindulge with a new warrior-like resolve
  • Replenish, whenever you need to, your energy, inner peace, and joy in the midst of chaotic schedules and situations
  • Have the happiest, healthiest, and most relaxing holiday season you've had in years!

Aren't you worth it?

Isn't your family worth it?


“After 1 session with Bambi, I had the least stressful holiday season I had ever had, and I actually enjoyed being with my family, instead of being drained by it.”

This essential holiday stress-busting kit includes:

  • 7 Steps to Holiday Sanity and Survival, a quick reference collection of tools and strategies for transforming what ails you in the moment. In this pdf, you’ll get powerful techniques that will connect you to your confidence, your vitality, and your success that you've never heard before. This is not the every season Holiday stress kit we see at this time of year. I can guarantee you- you'll be surprised by some, and comforted to have such a unique and diverse set of tools to keep you living your life, despite the holiday chaos, from a place of power.  ($350 value)
  • 10 Minute Holiday Empowerment Visualization mp3, a Bambi- original guided meditation, to manifest more peace, more confidence, and more power during the tense holiday season. This meditation is great for clearing the stressful programs that leave us so depleted during this busy season, and for re-igniting your vitality and hope. ($75 value)


The total value of this program is $425.
The R.O.I is infinite - power for a lifetime.

You only pay $47!

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