Healthy Chocolate for powerhouse living!

Imagine eating delicious dark Belgium chocolate 3-5 times a day, fuel your body with antioxidants, and have the following happen:

  • experiencing better focus and concentration
  • feeling happier and more emotionally balanced
  • having high energy throughout the day without dips and dives
  • sleeping deeper and longer
  • experiencing a decrease in pain
  • having more stamina and endurance for your workout
  • looking radiant and younger
  • enjoying the deliciousness of chocolate guilt free

That’s exactly what happened to me when I started eating chocolate from The Healthy Chocolate Company, and since then I have added this nutritional support into my repertoire of modalities that I use to amplify my clients success potential- from the inside out!  

Healthy Chocolate has ROCKED my world!

This additional income stream has been amazing on all different levels, from getting the weekly checks, to hearing the wonderful tales and testimonials, to seeing someone look younger and be excited about how people ask them "What are you doing? - You look great!" to feeling the effects of no more sugar cravings.(I've been a sugar junkie all my life, which is terrible for one who's "wired to worry"- anxiety is a result of inflammation in the brain from free radical damage from stress overload and stress hormones, which are exacerbated by sugar - a vicious cycle)

But don’t just take it from me…Here are some very short videos about the chocolate, the company,  the products and how they work. If weight loss through chocolate consumption interests you, check out the meal replacement shake video to see why this company landed on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine for it's weight loss study!

If you are ready to get a taste, to learn about my Body by Chocolate program that uses the products combined with my coaching work (not available via my website- requires a chat with me) or even ask about joining my "We Rock The Choc" Team? Book a chat with me!  or just go to my site and order yourself some right away at

The science says it all - studies show that cacao works magic in your body, and sustaining high levels of antioxidants with 3 pieces, like the one shown above, is amazing, physically, mentally, and energetically (both the physical kind and the woo woo kind) Popeye would be jealous!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.26.04 PM

Health benefits of healthy chocolate's cacao